happy birthday to our deer luhan!

you are one of those people that come with the whole package. you were born and blessed with good looks. you can sing, dance and act. you have an amazing personality. your smile makes girls hearts beat. you play sports well whether it be running, soccer or basketball. you can even do the rubix cube. out of all the members, you’re one of the shyer ones but we still love you and its just awesome watching you grow and learn. it makes us happy to see you be hyper and random. your presence on stage is breathtaking and your voice is so emotional, so beautiful. you basically pull of any hairstyle and outfit and you are manly, handsome and cute. your love and care for the fans is admirable, always helping fans up when they’re about to trip, yelling at the security because fans were hurt and always telling the fans to be careful. you are a sweet and caring man and dude i am so jealous of your future girlfriend/wife/whatever haha thank you for being a part of exo and bringing smiles and giving strength to so many of us. we’re all here to support you throughout your journey. i can’t believe you’re 24 omg you will never age. i hope that today is a special day and im sorry i’ll be up in the gold coast so i won’t be on tumblr. i hope you go out and have hotpot with the members and receive cool gifts. please stay happy and healthy and passionate about the things you do. i love you lots <3 will you marry me?  

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鹿晗 ► birthday countdown; (memories)
Pure, like the innocence of a child who doesn't know better, 
born in this moment;
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graphics request:
byun baekhyun for celyna!/hyukz

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  • Chen: (exhales)
  • Fans: (losing their shits)
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    Doesn’t he just look so cute?

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    Omg yeah its called a treadmill
    Oops just shows how unfit i am LOL

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    Omg so at the hotel im at in the gold coast we went to the gym to check it out AND HOLY THERE WAS THIS REALLY REALLY HOT GUY ON THE RUNNING MACHINE THING AND i was actually planning to run but me and my sis were chickening out so after like 15 mins w e finally mustered the courage and went to run AND OMG SJXJEKWKDNNE HE WAS SO HOT AND FIT AND EVERYTHING HAHAHA and then afterwards we were like we should have pretended not to know how to use the running machine so we could ask him how to use it lol

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    Data Loading. Data Loading.

    [Location Found.]

    Exo Planet. A planet that had been invaded by an unknown source. Twelve Survivors are said to have escaped and are currently residing in Earth. Earth Locations Unknown. Possess ability that are beyond human capabilities.

    Must approach with care. [Code Red]

    [Data Being Collected] Suho and Kris. Leaders of the twelve. Earth Location Unknown. Level Ten. Top Level. Water Manipulation and Flight. 

    Four Level Nine. [Data Being Collected] Kai. Luhan. Baekhyun. Chanyeol. [Powers Being Loaded] Teleportation. Telekinesis. Light and Fire Phoenix. Earth Location Unknown.

    Four Level Eight. Chen. D.O. Lay. Xiumin. [Powers Being Loaded] Lightning. Earth. Healing. Frost. Earth Location Unknown.

    Two Level Seven. Tao. Sehun. Powers Unknown. Earth Location Unknown.

    [Transmitting Data onto Computer]

    Error. Error. Corruption in Files. Error. System Shutting Down. Corruption.

    System Failure. Hacker unidentified.

    Scanning Hacker. [Hacker Alias Name Collected]

    [Loading] Kim Jongdae. [Source of Electricity/Appliance Unidentified.]

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    There’s obviously a parallel here.

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