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best yixing blog goes to lonelylay (yes i know its a screenshot of sehun but yeah)

this blog no only has lots of yixing but the blog honestly comes in a whole package. i love the sidebar and that gif is actually one of my faves. again its easy to navigate like its clear on how to get to the next page. i also love the quote on the side and basically its a very beautiful blog! congrats!

the best overall blog goes to oh-sehun ~~~~

i really adore the blog’s theme like its really simple and full of quality. the blog is easy to navigate around and the posts are wow. and her gifs are really amazing as well!


2014 has been such a bad year for kpop
it needs to be over like now 

tbh i think it’s been bad globally as well, the malaysian airlines incident, sewol ferry, crap happening in syria…and i’ve heard of so many people dying plus ive been sick 4 times this year (they go on for 2 weeks+) and also im failing all my subjects and this is the only year that i’ve tried?!???!!!!!!!!!!!!????

fuck 2014 tbh

badeul having breakfast together

q: if you had a real solo day, what would you do?

waking up with baekhyun ♥

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