the way he simply melts your heart.

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3/ edits of his smile 
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semi hiatus

hey guys

my year 11 prelims or final exams or whatever you call them are in the coming week. i am failing a lot of my subjects and i really can’t go on like this because i need to go to university. i will still be around tumblr but most likely on queue. i won’t reply to messages for the next 3 weeks not that i get any messages but i will be back soon so i hope you all will wait for me <3 i also hope you guys will wish me luck on my exams because i really need it ahaha (i will reply to those and screenshot them too lol) thanks guys <3 i love you all and see you all soon!


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Reasons to love Do Kyungsoo:
↳ his o_o face

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how to be lee seunghoon i mean that boy literally was an average yg fanboy like thousands of others but decided he would get into yg or die trying, he moved to seoul into a house near yg building, he went through a talent show, he got into yg, he went through win survival and look at him now in the newest yg boy group holding their first fucking trophy so proudly 

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who's next for the good deed?

will someone ever nominate dongminkyu?or perhaps lee sooman?

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130926: Team A’s first win.

131025: Team A wins the title of WINNER.

140820: WINNER’s first music show win.

We did it, Inner Circle. You did it, Winner. You’ve been through so many rough times, crossed so many tough rivers, and you’ve finally made it to today. A #1 win on your DEBUT STAGE, breaking records and becoming the first boy group to win a first place in 10 days. It was all because of your hard work, perseverance, dedication, and most importantly…your patience. Your ability to connect with the audience. Your ability to genuinely touch our hearts. 
Seungyoon once said that he hoped one day, the fans would become winners, and WINNER can be the inner circle for them. Well, I think that’s already happened, hasn’t it? These are literally just the beginnings. We have so many more mountains to climb, so many more roads to travel - and so many more memories to make, share, and cherish together.
Guess who’s (finally) back and debuted? It’s WINNER, and well…they’re winning.
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20140821 #Winner1stWin

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congratulations! ♡
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spent the last half hour watching kpop idols do ice bucket challenge 

its great how they’re helping raise awareness of ALS (it was the disease featured in boku no ita jikan so its really great ^^)

but lay is totally the type to donate half his wallet than actually do it AHAHAH AND LOOKINg FORWARD TO SEHUNS :))

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