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 hey everyone! this is my third follow forever and actually this time i didn’t make it so i want to thank dimplay for making this lovely and adorkable edit of lay for me, i really appreciate it! i reached a very very generous amount of followers so i want to take this chance to thank everyone, those who’ve been following me and those blogs i follow. so its almost been a year here and its really fun meeting new people and looking at such lovely and creative blogs. i envy every single one of your blogs since mine is so bleh. to those who follow me, thank you so much for putting up with my constant ramblings and spams of what i get obsessed with, i beg for forgiveness because of my i hear your voice spam, but its so good, like just amazing so i recommend everyone  to watch it! my followers are the best, the most beautiful  and amazing people ever! thank you for being so kind and understanding. i have my yearlies coming and i just want to shoot myself. i follow over 450 blogs atm so its impossible to pick out such a little amount so i suggest that if you have time, to check out my blogroll. omg im so bad with words but i can never thank everyone enough!


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thank you everyone! feel free to drop my inbox so we can chat and have a cuppa coffee and be friends :)

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